Nigerian Dwarf Goat Herdbook

Nigerian Dwarf Does

We are so grateful for the Kissler family who has taken over our Nigerian Dwarf herd.
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Nigerian Dwarf Does

"Lil' Bit"

(Photo by Hayley Creamer)


2010 Arapahoe County, Colorado

Best Goat of Show
Dusty Acres Dixie (Blueberry)

2011 Arapahoe County  Best of Breed

Nigerian Dwarf Champion
Dusty Acres Dixie (Blueberry) and Reserve Champion Sun Catcher Sugar

Sire: Thunder Ridge Farm Zach

Dam: Dusty Acres Teeny Bopper

Sire: Thunder Ridge Farm Speedy
Dam: Thunder Ridge Cassiopia
Sire: Dusty Acres Big Enuf
Dam: Dusty Acres Sugar


First Place in Dry yearling class

Caramel Apple Farm Do-Si-Do


Caramel Apple Farm Samoa
with her babies: Boots and Tag-a-long

(Photo by Hayley Creamer)

These are just a few of our lovely does.

Nigerian Dwarf Bucks


Velvet Acres Red White n' Ice

Sire: Velvet Acres Wishbone

Dam: Velvet Acres FireNIce

Sire: Flat Rocks Lustrous
Dam: Flat Rocks Knuckle Head
Sire: Kaapio Acre's RA Rocket Man AI *S
Dam: Velvet Acres Itty Bitty


Velvet Acres Hank

Sire: Velvet Acres I'm 2 Kuul2b Blue

Dam: Velvet Acres Calico Kitty

Sire: Velvet Acres Slingshot
Dam: Velvet Acres Blue Moon
Sire: Flat Rocks Lustrous
Dam: MCH Tupence Chocolate Eclair


Thunder Ridge Farm Zach

Sire: Thunder Ridge Farm Speedy

Dam: Thunder Ridge Farm Cassiopia

Sire: Thunder Ridge Farm Cowboy
Dam: Ruby Rock Saffron
Sire: Dusty Acres Bandit
Dam: Ruby Rock Saffron