Anatolian Pyrenees LGD

Charlotte & Shelby 2011

We learned years ago that not every dog is suited for farm life. We already had goats when a stray terrier dog came into our lives. We took him in and found him a companion dog at the shelter. These two dogs turned our lives upside down. They killed my cats and then one day decided to pack on our Llama. The little terrier was killed and we had to put down the other dog. These events were devastating for myself and my family. That was when we realized not all dogs are right for livestock.

That is what introduced us to Livestock Guardian Dogs (LGD) and we purchased our first 2 Great Pyrenees pups 2011.

Vlacca - 2020

A few years later a friend moved away and we were excited to bring her dog onto the farm.  Vlacca had been a LGD for goats all of her life.  We instantly fell in love with her personality!  What made her different from our Pyrenees dogs?  She is half Anatolian Shepherd.  We were now being introduced to another breed of LGD and fell in love right away!

Aslan - puppy

Aslan - 2020

In May of 2018 We drove to New Mexico to pick up our next addition. Aslan is a pure-breed AKC Registered Anatolian Shepherd and he is magnificent. His Sire Tosun is imported from Turkey bringing many of the original breeds strong characteristics with him.

Billie - 2020

Billie - 2020

This is Billie.  She is a 2 yr old Pyrenees who is the Dam to our liter.  Her parents are from Triple M Bar Ranch which is a working sheep farm so her genetics are geared toward working with livestock.


Before you consider these puppies, please familiarize yourself with the breed characteristics found in the above links.  Click here to see available litter born 5-19-20.