About us

Our Beginnings

Our family was first introduced to goats at Old MacDonald's Farm in Rapid City, South Dakota.  This is where our son RJ's love began for these silly animals. When we returned from our trip, RJ set his mind on having goats of his own.  After a lot of research (on RJ's part) we decided to buy 2 does from a local Nigerian Dwarf breeder. Little did I realize how this decision would change our lives.


RJ is all grown up and I have caught the "goat bug".  Our Farm now consists of lots of lamancha goats, a miniature donkey named Snowflake, Kisses the llama, Charlotte, Vlacca and Aslan our Livestock guardian dogs and 20 silly chickens.  We just had puppies born! Can't wait to watch them grow and someday guard the animals.

We use our milk to provide handcrafted goat's milk lotions, soaps, laundry soap, and lip balm to customers all around the country.  We love providing these fine products!

In Closing

We enjoy having open days at the farm so please check out our events page.  It is not as often as we would like, but they are fantastic!

Life really is a little sweeter here......(Thanks to the Lord!) -Denise